Faculty of Medicine
Duration / ECTS - Credits
6 semesters / 180 ECTS
Academic Degree
Doctor medicinae dentalis (Dr. med. dent.)
Qualification Level
Master (2nd study cycle)
Information on the Curriculum*
Mode of Study
Language of Instruction
Location of Implementation

The Master degree programme in dentistry is a six-semester (three year) study programme. Graduates will be awarded a “Doctor medicinae dentalis, Dr. med. dent.” (180 ECTS).
(Is currently only offered in German)

Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for admission to the Master of Dental Medicine degree program is the completion of a Bachelor’s or Diploma degree program of the same subject or a Bachelor’s degree program of the same subject at a university of applied sciences or another equivalent and subject-related degree program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.
A study program of the same subject is the study program Bachelor of Human Medicine in the specialization Dentistry of SFU MED.

Admission Procedure

Master degree programme available in German language only (C1).

SFU MED Admission Procedure on our German page.

Course Structure, incl. Curriculum

The Master of Dental Medicine program consists of three years of study and is based on their sequencing. The modules and skills lines of study years 1-2 must be completed in the designated order. The third year of study focuses on practical training. It includes Clinical Training, in which the diagnostic and therapeutic skills learned up to that point are expanded and practiced in the SFU Dental Clinic/Outpatient Clinic for Dentistry and in external placements.

Students are directly involved in teaching and introduced to patient contact as part of their training at the dental clinic from the first semester of the master’s program.


Qualification Profile & Skills

The study programme, which is designed as a full-time study programme, is passed by completing modules and lines. The learning objectives defined for this study programme correspond to both the subject-specific scientific and professional requirements and also to the respective levels of the Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area. Professionalism, social skills, communication and interpersonal skills, basic knowledge, information and information education, clinical knowledge, diagnosis and treatment planning, establishing and maintaining oral health, and prevention and health promotion are
the main categories of professional dental work and are defined as guiding qualification goals for the Master’s programme.

Occupational Profiles & Career Opportunities

The Master’s degree programme in Dentistry offers theoretical, scientific and practical training to prepare students for the dental profession.
As a consecutive course of study, it builds on the content of the Bachelor’s course of study in Human Medicine with a specialisation in Dentistry.

Tuition Fees & Financing

The tuition fees for the Master’s programme in Dentistry at SFU MED amount to EUR 14,000 per semester.

Following the applicable criteria, Sigmund Freud University awards scholarships and grants every year.
Information only available on our German page.

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