Mission and vision

Medicine is undergoing fundamental changes. It is still largely embedded within the natural sciences and based on a reductionist human image. However, this focus is slowly changing.

The individual person with his/her unique life story is at the core of studying medicine at SFU. This approach requires changes in the medical training, however. Aside from a detailed knowledge of the academic disciplines, tomorrow’s physicians will increasingly have to deal with their patients’ individual life in their specific environment (family, workplace, leisure). Each patient needs to be seen in the context of his/her psychosocial background. Future medical practitioners must therefore be better trained in understanding human beings as a whole and also be able to consult patients regarding their way of living.

The SFU Faculty of Medicine aims at being the platform for implementing a new training concept. Our mission is to offer degree programs where the concept of participatory medicine, which considers the multidimensionality of human beings and the complexity of health needs, is realized through excellent, research-oriented teaching, resulting in a medical education with quality and soul.